Supplemental Group Health

Supplemental group health insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides additional coverage beyond what a primary health insurance policy offers. Employers typically offer it to their employees as part of their employee benefits package.

Manage Healthcare Costs

One of the benefits of these policies is that it can help employees manage their healthcare costs. Medical expenses can quickly add up, and even with primary health insurance coverage, patients must pay significant out-of-pocket expenses. Supplemental group health insurance can help employees manage these expenses and provide them with greater financial security in the event of unexpected medical costs.

Access to Care

Another benefit is that it can help employees access care that may not be covered by their primary health insurance policy. For example, many primary health insurance policies do not cover dental or vision care. Supplemental group health insurance policies may cover these services, providing employees with additional options for maintaining their health.

Attract and Retain Employees

Supplemental group health policies can also be customized to meet the specific needs of a particular group of employees. For example, policies can be designed to cover specific medical conditions, such as cancer or heart disease, or to provide coverage for specific services, such as acupuncture or chiropractic care. This flexibility allows employers to tailor their benefits packages to the needs of their workforce, which can help attract and retain employees.

Peace of Mind

In addition to helping employees manage their healthcare costs, supplemental group health insurance policies can also provide peace of mind. Knowing they have additional coverage can give employees the confidence to seek medical care without worrying about the financial impact.

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In conclusion, supplemental group health insurance can provide valuable additional coverage to employees beyond what their primary health insurance policies offer. Supplemental group health insurance can provide financial and emotional benefits by helping employees manage their healthcare costs and access the care they need. To learn more about these policies and why they could benefit your company or organization, contact Planned Coverage today!

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